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Getting Started - Quests

Post  Apostle on Fri May 15, 2015 2:19 am

By questing you will get some insight to what life in Secondhand Lands is all about. Well, from an NPC perspective at least. The quest givers will also give you experience and sometimes other rewards for helping them out with their various problems.

Every village and outpost has a main quest giver, which is an NPC with a chalice over his/her head. This NPC will direct you to the next NPC in the questline. Following the questline ensures that you will take on the monsters in the most suitable order. However, you are free to talk to all the npc's you encounter and see if they have a quest to offer you. Some quests are linked and an NPC that didn't give you a quest the first time you talked to him/her, may very well have one for you at a later stage.

After completing every quest in a village, talk to the main quest giver again to get direction on where to go next.

How to keep track of quests and where to go? To keep track of where to go and what to do next you have a few facilities to help you.
First you have the waypoint window that includes the name of the quest or the name of the NPC you need to see, an arrow pointing in the direction and how far away it is. The different quest points are also marked with a chalice on the world map (ctrl+w), to give you a better perspective. On the world map you also have a way to turn the waypoint window on again if you have closed it down. It's the button to the right in the bottom left corner.
Secondly you have the Active Quests log where you can see a list of all your active quests and read more about them. Here you can also choose to abandon a quest if you would like to.

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