Getting Started - The Species

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Getting Started - The Species

Post  Apostle on Fri May 15, 2015 3:10 am

Okay so, there's four species to choose from when you create a new character!

- Wolves
- Sheep
- Scrappers
- Catgirls

All four species have the option to change size (basic makeup kit in starter kit) and different body patterns (all species have different patterns... some look better than others).

Don't think bigger = faster and smaller = harder to hit, because you're the same speed either way until you unlock a move that helps you go faster (wolves have sprint, scrappers have haste tiles) or you equip armor that has speed stats - and even if you make yourself small, "/target username" is always an option.

The noobie color kit seems restricting but later in the game you'll be able to get an 'expert makeup kit' where you can pick your own colors in more detail!

Each Strength point spent adds 1+ health point to your health bar.
Each Constitution point spent adds 2+ health points to your health bar.
Each Empathy point spent adds 2+ mana points to your mana bar.
Each Mysticism point spent adds 1+ mana point to your mana bar.

1. visual description, as said by game
2. actual move description, as said by Wiki
3. a side note said by me

WOLVES have some pretty decent moves, despite what people say. They're the fastest of the species and are able to set themselves on fire!


> Hamstring (a.1):
1. you clamp your jaws on your opponent's legs deadening their nerves for a short period of time
2. moderate damage, applies debuff that slows a fleeing target

> Bite (b.1):
1. you give your opponent a simple, damaging bite
2. normal melee attack + 5% extra damage

> Tackle (c.1):
1. knock down your prey when they turn their back to you
2. moderate damage attack that stuns target, only usable when facing target's back

> Pin (c.2):
1. you pin your opponent to the ground

> Shred (b.2):
1. you shred your opponent, weakening him and causing a short damage over time
2. moderate damage attack that applies the Shred debuff; Shred debuff is a bleed effect and also lowers target's physical resistance

> Maim (b.3):
1. you maim the target, dealing damage and making them more vulnerable
2. high damage, does additional damage to targets with Shred debuff


> Stealth (a.1):
1. like the fog, you can float along the forest floor leaving no trace

> Sprint (b.1):
1. run faster

> Track (c.1):
1. you can track a single quarry even when it leaves your sight
2. provides wolf with distance and direction of target prey

> Feral Mark (a.2):
1. a group member's selects the favored target giving the entire pack increased damage
2. pack members do increased damage to marked target
3. one of my personal favorites

> Lunge (b.2):
1. you lunge at your target, propelling you a great distance
2. allows you to charge a target and knockdown for 2 seconds

> Werewolf (b.3):
1. you turn into a scary werewolf, increasing your health, action, and mana regeneration
3. no, there's no epic transformation animation... you remain the same form


> Lick Wounds (a.1):
1. with miraculous wolf spit, you can lick away wounds
2. channeled heal over time

> Intimidate (b.1):
1. you intimidate your target causing it to do less damage
2. applies debuff to target that decreases damage done by target

> Mark Lair (c.1):
1. you mark your territory giving you the home advantage
2. places a totem that raises Con for pack members in the area surrounding

> Awakening Howl (a.2):
1. you utter a howl so pure that even the spirits awaken

> Hunting Howl (b.2)
1. your howl inspires your friends to battle
2. pack members gain Health stealing and an increase to attack/movement speed
3. popular, beneficial move

> Rabies (b.3):
1. you grant the gift of infectious rabies
2. while active, this skill applies a debuff that reduces DR and adds a disease status effect to any opponent that the Rabid wolf successfully attacks


> Demoralizing Howl (a.1):
1. an icy howl puts your opponent in their proper place and makes them more hesitant to cross you

> Hell Hound (b.1):
1. you merge with the spirit of an infernal fire hound

> Spiritual Jaws (c.1):
1. the spirit of a vengeful wolf will haunt your opponent reflecting their harm

> Growl (a.2):
1. your fierce growl may scare some protective and malevolent spirits affecting your target
3. popular to use on buffed catgirls

> Hell Breath (b.2):
1. the winds of hell issue forth from your mouth
3. a personal favorite

>Nova (b.3):
1. your hellhound form reaches the pinnacle of power with a violent consuming explosion
2. high Damage fire nova from hell hound
3. another personal favorite

SHEEP are the gods of heights and have some intimidating moves! If used correctly they can be much more scarier than wolves! They have the ability to put you in a stun that feels like an eternity, and even clone themselves...

> Headbutt (a.1): the only way of dealing with wolves is by using your head... with extreme prejudice!
Roundhouse (b.1): you damage the nearest opponents with your whirlwind of flying hooves and wool
> Shin Kick (c.1): a swift kick in the shins causes your opponent to limp along painfully
> Ram (a.2): with a super speed burst, you'll ram your opponents and knock them senseless - a personal favorite
> Woolen Dervish (b.2): you become a dervish of woolen fury, damaging all nearby opponents for a period of time - a popular move in strength sheep
> Baazerk (b.3): you go into a baazerking rage, entering a frenzy that gives ever increasing attack power and speed
Each Strength point spent adds 1+ health point to your health bar.

> Back Kick (a.1): kick your opponents with a stunning blow during a retreat
> Steel Wool (b.1): your wool becomes as hard as steel increasing your resistances initially by 3 points each - hint: this move, with physical resistance stat completed, will be your best friend
> Super Leap (c.1): by thinking happy thoughts, you fly into the air
> Hearten (b.2): you toughen up, increasing your total health for a period of time
> Hoof Slam (c.2): soaring high into the air, you come down with the fury of the heavens - a popular move used by many strong sheep players... once you're in this pickle, there's no getting out
> Ovine Resilience (b.3): edit
Each Constitution point spent adds 2+ health points to your health bar.

> Taunting Bleat (a.1): your taunting bleat infuriates your fow beyond his physical pain
> Fleece (b.1): your bleat softens even the hardest wool, fur or skin
> Poultice (c.1): with the awesome healing power of sheep cud, you hawk up a dose of healing goodness
> Silence (b.2): the bleat of an empathetic lamb can cause their foes to lose their voice
> Healing Bleat (c.2): your soothing bleats removes the wounds of battle
> Raging Waters (b.3): you grant your target with preternatural regeneration
Each Empathy point spent adds 2+ mana points to your mana bar.

> Shear (a.1): your bleat shears off your opponents ability to defend their bodies and minds
> Cud Erupt (b.1): you gather a wad of cud in your throat and blow it out
> Static Charge (c.1): your wool becomes statically charged, shocking unwary attackers - not as good as hellhound
> Count This (a.2): your target gets very sleepy when they count you and your allies
> Dolly (b.2): you clone your very essence, up to six sheep
> Static Bolt (c.3): you focus any latent static energy versus a single target - not as powerful a move as it sounds
Each Mysticism point spent adds 1+ mana point to your mana bar.

SCRAPPERS are itty bitty anthropomorphic animals that come in x different sub-species and in my honest opinion the best looking anatomy-wise are the wolf, fox, cat and dragon. They're pretty slow and aren't suggested for battle, but if you raise your character properly with either Str and/or Mys moves, they can become one deadly little weapon. Scrappers are commonly used to make armor and drain stats from certains armors that can then be transferred into the perfect gear. You can also become a chef, too, and work in Mother Goose's bakery.

> Hammer Smash (a.1): you give your opponent a bonk-bonk on the head
> Hammer Spin (b.1): you damage the nearest opponents with your bonkinator hammer as you swing it in a rapid spin
> Blow Out (c.1): your hammer summons a gentle dry wind which removes any wet debuffs without the frizzies and split ends from all surrounding friends and foes
> Forge Flames (b.2): the Scrapper gently slams their hammer against the ground summoning a burst of heat from the earth
> Blue Steel (c.2): allows a Scrapper to ready their and his mighty mount for battle
> Magnum (b.3): a wave of crackling heat targets nearby foes - anyone on fire will take extra damage - hint: good duo with a hellhound's hell breath
Each Strength point spent adds 1+ health point to your health bar.

> Armor Crafting (a.1): this allows you to create equippable items from basic ingredients
> Smelting (b.1): smelting allows you to produce metal bars from ore - you can also create alloys by mixing different ores or metals
> Gemologist (c.1): this skill allows a Scrapper to polish and then align the gems into the most efficient power gem configuration
> Draining (a.2): allows for the draining of looted equipment stats into gems
> Enchanting (b.2): allows for the enchantment of a crafted item using four power gems
> Feedback (b.3): during an item enchantment, the fourth power gem is there just to power the process - this skill gives the Scrapper a chance to feedback the power gem directing into the item as a fourth stat.
Constitution field is pretty tricky at first; ask users Bluewolf and Teto Tinker for live help if they're ever online -- they know what they're doing!
Each Constitution point spent adds 2+ health points to your health bar.

> Entrees (a.1): allows you to cook Entrees
> Salvomancy (c.1): allows you to make and use healing salves
> Mad Science (c.2): allows you to improve your salves by adding alchemical reactions
> Haute Cuisine (b.2): allows you to create haute cuisine
> Hors d'Oeuvres (a.2): allows you to make hors d'oeuvres
> Panacea (a.3): allows you to make godly food
Each Empathy point spent adds 2+ mana points to your mana bar.

> Ghostfire Tilomancy (a.1): allows the creation and use of ghostfire tiles
> Psi Tilomancy (b.1): allows the creation and use of psi tiles
> Body Tilomancy (c.1): allows the creation and use of body tiles - haste, slow, drench
> Expert Crafter (c.2): allows for more efficient and more impressive creation of tiles
> Expert Thrower (a.2): allows for more effective and efficient throwing of tiles
> Tilomancy Aura (b.3): allows you to use a number of tiles with no cooldown
Each Mysticism point spent adds 1+ mana point to your mana bar.

CATGIRLS will at first remind you of a bratty middle schooler who's trying to act cool in a mall, obsessing over going to the back of a Spencer's store. Their default colors are a caucasian athletic female - they don't come in Nekos (males) or other skin tones, which should totally be a thing. Not-so-ironically enough, they're one of the strongest species - able to "Buff" up with several Con-hosted moves that regenerate their... well, everything. There's been complaints in the past that the Catgirls should be weakened, but tactics have been found by expert players to make the battle ground more even. They have more customization options and tots have a pa$$i0n 4 fa$hi0n!

> Pounce (a.1): you cartwheel for a short distance and then pounce on your opponent, knocking it down and damaging it slightly
> Spirit Claws (b.1): your spirit claws grant your nearby group members physical attack skill, which helps overcome damage reduction from armor and spells
> Scratch (c.1): you scratch your target, causing damage and reducing their physical resistance and their damage reduction
> Feral Fury (b.2): this flourish causes all nearby group members to gain additional strength and action regeneration - also builds upon your proficiencies in Spirit Claws
> Fever (c.2): this flourish causes all nearby foes to lose action points every tick
> Claw Fury (c.3): this flourish drains health from all nearby foes
Each Strength point spent adds 1+ health point to your health bar.

> Fervor (a.1): this flourish grants each nearby party member superb health regeneration
> Animus (b.1): this flourish grants each nearby party member action regeneration - party members with full action are healed instead
> Lucidity (c.1): this flourish grants each nearby party member extra mana regeneration
> Furry Flurry Fury (a.2): this flourish gives nearby party members an aura that deals mind damage
> Ardor (c.2): this flourish grants a leeching bonus to nearby party members
> Empower (b.3): this flourish resets all of the cooldown timers for all nearby party members... well, except Empower
Each Constitution point spent adds 2+ health points to your health bar.

> Blow Kiss (a.1): you blow a kiss at a nearby party member, healing them
> Nap (b.1): you force your enemy to go to sleep - your enemy's health and mana regen is doubled while sleeping, however
> Purr (c.1): makes an enemy into a friend that helps you in battle for a short period of time
> Bad Luck (a.2): makes the unlucky target more accident prone
> Lives (c.2): you grant a group member extra lives, healing them each time they take damage
> Be Nimble (b.3): all nearby party members gain a chance to dodge attacks
Each Empathy point spent adds 2+ mana points to your mana bar.

> Halting Flourish (a.1): this flourish forces all nearby enemies to move more slowly
> Dander (b.1): this flourish causes your nearby enemies to catch the sneezies from your dander
> Catwalk (c.1): you use your catgirl magic to jump forward to an open spot of ground  
> Bang! (a.2): this flourish stuns all nearby enemies
> Summon Fish (c.2): you create yummy sushi which can be eaten in combat to return health and mana - hint: very helpful in battle!
> Cat Form (b.3): this ability turns you into a tiny ethereal kitty that can pass through solid objects and disobey the laws of physics - this is legit! you turn into a kitten; it's adorable
Each Mysticism point spent adds 1+ mana point to your mana bar.

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