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Getting Started - Equipment

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The Basics of Equipments

Equipment are categorised in 6 groups, depending on which part of the body they are used for (Eyes, Head, Back, Neck, Shin and Feet).

The next vital part of equipments are the stats they are adding to your build, which can be very essential to get the maximum output from your skills.

For each equipment the first part of the name hints what kind of skill line (None, Strength, Constitution, Empathy or Mysticism) this equipment will add power to.
Basic - Does not add any STR/CON/EMP or MYS.
Mighty - Adds STR to your stats, and one health point per STR.
Hearty - Adds CON to your stats, and two health points per CON.
Friendly - Adds EMP to your stats, and one mana point per EMP.
Magical - Adds MYS to your stats, and two mana points per MYS.

The last part of the name will tell your what kind of extras you will gain with this equipment:
of Anti-Magic - adds arcane resistance.
of Clarity - adds faster mana regeneration.
of Elements - adds nature resistance.
of Id - adds mental resistance.
of Verve - adds action regeneration speed.
of Renewal - adds health regeneration speed.

The following can be part of name either as "Gliding Leaf" or "Mighty Leaf of Gliding". When this attribute comes first, it's a basic gear with no STR/CON/EMP or MYS.
Gliding - adds gliding, making you descend slower when jumping, hence being able to jump further.
Jumping - adds power to your jumps, making you jump higher. Also adds a little speed boost.
Speed - adds to your speed.

All gear will add Physical Resistance, which makes you take less damage from the monsters you are dealing with.

Item Repair

Equipment worn in fights will loose it's perfect condition and when it's totally worn out you will get a message and the item is unequipped automatically. When you view equipment in inventory, player info, vault, or on the market, the icon will be magenta tinted when condition is at 25% or lower, and tinted red when it has to be repaired in order to use it. An item can be restored to 100% condition at any time, but of course it's more economical to wait at least until it's below 25%.

To repair an item you need to buy an Item Repair Deed, which can be bought from NPC's at Nod, and major villages. Then you need to go see another NPC who will actually repair your item. Such NPC's are found in Wolf Village, Sheep Village and Mother Goose Village.

A list of available attires per body part:
Eyes - bifocals, eye patch, horned rimmed glasses, monocle, sunglasses, zorro mask

Head - acord hat, afro wig, antlers, baseball cap, bee antenna, bow, cigar, cowboy hat, dew rag, elf hat*, fairy bra, football helmet, gnome hat*, halo*, nature helmet, pirate hat, top hat, viking helmet, wedding veil

Back - angel wings, back spikes, backplate, bee wings, butterfly wings, cape, cloak, dracula cloak, dragon wings, flying cloak, coconut bra, jet pack, leaf, nature back armor, porcupine quills, saddle, shark fin, sheriff star, spikey backplate, tortoise shell, udder

Neck - bandana, bling, leis*, nature neck armor, tie, vines

Shin - nature wrist armor, socks, spikey shins, twigs

Feet - boots, claws, nature spikes, sneakers, spikey feet, talons

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