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Rules of the Board

Post  Apostle on Tue Mar 17, 2015 9:16 pm

These rules shouldn't be too annoying or daunting,
so we're sure you'll do just fine on this community!

(v.): to show regard or consideration for

  • Remember your social filters as if you were in public. Just because you're hidden behind a computer screen doesn't mean you can have the audacity to insult, provoke, mimic or harass another user. This is a friendly community and will be treated as such.

  • If you happen to do get in some sort of [accidental] disagreement with another user, it's always best to apologize for a misunderstanding, and leave the post/topic alone until the air clears. Otherwise an administrator or moderator will visit the discussion and do as they see fit.

  • If you feel you're becoming a victim of some sort of harassment, please personal message (PM) one of our staff members before OR after you've tried taking care of the situation on your own. You'll need to include evidence of the harassment via screenshots. NEVER post your complaints on a public board or 'point the finger!'

(n.): disruptive online messages, especially commercial messages posted on a computer network or sent as email

  • This board does not require email verification, which makes it easy for users to make fake or duplicate accounts. We ask that you have ONE forum account per person. If you're caught with more than one, we will first request you delete one of your choice on your own. If you fail to have done so, we will decide which one(s) are the least active and delete it/them for you.

  • You are allowed to advertise your favorite games/forums in the 'Websites' board. Any sites that are COMMERCIAL or contain VIRUSES that can harm our users' PCs, they will be deleted immediately and depending on the circumstance, the OP will be banned.

  • Being 'post-crazy' isn't much of a problem here, but if it ever becomes one, one of our staff members will inform you of what you're doing and how you can correct it.

Think you handle those six simple rules?
Then you're ready to post and have fun!
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