Efficient organized chatting!

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Efficient organized chatting!

Post  Apostle on Fri May 15, 2015 2:05 am

Now of course you don't have to do as I do, but I thought I'd share how I edit my chat logs on all of my accounts for an organized spam-free chatting experience!

Go to your side panel > Game options > Logs

Every new channel you create adds one UP, not down, so whatever your last channel is, call it "World". With the channel options, make sure the only checked off one is WORLD, and if you're feeling generous, add HELP in there too.

Your first channel should be "Local", and the channel types should be SPACIAL and SYSTEM. That way when you're doing missions or collecting things, important messages will conveniently appear. I always used to set SYSTEM to World tab, but I like a clear log when people are speaking.

So now you should have [ Local | World ]

After Local, create a channel called "Whi", short for whisper, or TELLS, and add just TELLS to that channel. Now when someone's whispering to you, you won't have any obstructions. Always remember to do /tell "username" before entering your message. If you forget or fail, no one else will see the message! ;D

[ Local | Whi | World ]

After Whi, create a channel called "Gro", for GROUP. Same as Whi, only check off GROUP for an organized group discussion with your amigos.

[ Local | Whi | Gro | World ]

After Gro, if you plan on creating or joining a Guild, create "Gui." Only check off GUILD.

[ Local | Whi | Gro | Gui | World ]

After Gui, create "Fac", for faction, if you plan on joining one (or going anarch). Only check off FACTION.

[ Local | Whi | Gro | Gui | Fac | World ]

And there you have it! Your tabs should be the perfect width before the Talk button interferes.

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