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Cat Isle

Cat Village: the very first village you start off at when you create a character.

Village adversaries
a wind-up rat: 44 HP
a Chasing Rat: 53 HP
a strange young duck: 95 HP
a Hijacking Rabbit: 75 HP

Village members
(+): quest givers | (-): merchants | (*): collectors | (~): vault keepers
+ Puss in Boots: the village leader; he tells you where to go for each quest given until you've completed the village.
+ Clara: a cat that assigns you the very first quest of Cat Village; to collect (2) tea leafs.
- Jessica Fox: a fox that allows you to buy and sell merchandise.
+ Purrfect: a cat that trains you to fight for the first time. Simply kill (5) wind-up rats.
~ Mac: a large wolf that'll store your unwanted supplies. These vaults can be accessed throughout the entire game.
+ Opie: a cat that requests you to save kittens by killing (10) chasing rats.
+ Honey: a wolf that assigns you to shrink (5) chasing rats.
* Tumper the Skunk: a resident that collects [soapstone].
- Linda Loulou: a sheep that allows you to browse the game's market.
+ Mama Catt: a cat that will assign you to go retrieve her daughter's (around 20) missing [kitten mittens] from the strange young ducks outside the village.
+ Michelle: Mama Catt's daughter. She'll ask you to go knock out (20) MORE strange young ducks because she wants revenge!
John & Denny: the remaining Catt brothers... they don't do much but talk constantly when you're around them.
+ Goldfish: these guys will ask you to retrieve boxes of fish food that had washed up along the shore of a small island east of Cat Village. Unfortunately, you'll have to tussle with (20) hijacking rabbits to obtain them. This will be your final quest of the village! Afterwards, talk to Puss in Boots.
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