Adversaries and what they drop

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Adversaries and what they drop

Post  Apostle on Mon Jul 06, 2015 2:36 pm

Super important hint
Click ctrl+f to find a keyword!
This will speed up your search significantly.

Enemies and item name are in alphabetical order by general term.

conehead warrior: bristle feather, contour feather, down feather, filoplume feather, knotty pine, short leaf pine, yellow pine

guarding bee: knotty pine, granite

guarding bunny: burlap cloth, cracked egg shells, frozen pizza

guarding crow: cropped velveteen, tiny pumpkin

guarding dandelion: bad seed, dandelion leaf, white pine

guarding dragonrat:

funky monkey: cotton cloth, frozen pizza, organic cotton

jackdaw: burlap sack, orange pepper, sour lemon, red oak, weak teak, white pine, young eggplant

raven: contour feather, organic cotton

thrall: blue ash, granite, indigo ash, painted dolemite, rechargeable battery, red ash, salome marble,

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