PvP, Factions and Guilds, oh my!

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PvP, Factions and Guilds, oh my!

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Most of you will already know what this term means! And in case you don't, it's short for Player versus Player! One of Secondhand Lands' primary purposes is in fact PvP, and of course it's optional to participate in.

Radar colors: white - non-attackable, usually NPCs. yellow - attackable, prey you have to attack first to engage. red - hostile, automatically engaged to fight you first

Wah! I just joined! What if I don't want to PvP!?
No worries my friend! You can only PvP with another player once you are "Juiced" and are out of the map's 'safe zones'. Juicing requires for you to purchase PvP Juice (looks like an old fashion glass of orange juice) at any NPC merchants in the villages scattered across the map. Once you've double clicked the juice, it'll take about two minutes before your white form turns yellow (eligible to be attacked by other juiced players). It's advised to wait until you're level 50, when you're ready to join one of two Factions set in the game.

Please read about PvP Etiquette [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].


Faction... doesn't that just get your blood pumpin'? Factions are 'armies' in a sense in the game you can join in order to be a guardian. You're required to be level 50, and you'll have the choice between Little Red Riding Hood and Lil Bo Beep. There is a third choice however if you're totally not into politics... simply juice without belonging to either faction and you'll be titled as 'Anarch', attackable from all sides (unless you and your anarch buddies are in a group, then they cannot hurt you. however their buffs will not effect you... boohoo).

What's the difference between the factions?
In the grand scheme of things, nothing is actually different. Little Red Riding Hood, your leader if you were to join her side, looks like an emo (I say that as an adjective... you be you... my lovely emos...) college student employee who's tired of working at Spencer's. When juiced, your icon will be a cute little red hood (go figure) and your base is in Wolf Village.

Lil Bo Beep, your leader if you joined her side, looks like sheep herding character from Toy Story (what's her name again? oh, yeah, Lil Bo Beep!)'s aunt who runs a drug cartel. When juiced, your icon will be a cute little blue bonnet, and your base is in Sheep Village. All of this is sounding... flat, right?

Here's the plot pulled from the Wiki page: "Little Red Riding Hood and Bo Peep have been enemies for as long as any inhabitant in Secondhand Lands can remember. However, nobody remembers why, and these days people have stopped trying to persuade them to get over it." Bet you didn't see that coming, right?

*Points at Bo Beep's crows feet* "You're obviously the older sibling."


I personally am not a fan of politics, but for the sake of the benefits (will explain below), I have most of my accounts in Red, since that's the first faction I've ever joined. I have some Anarch and some Bo, too.

Community wise - I've seen that Red players are more mischievous and Bo players are more competitive. It doesn't improve or decline in numbers, either. I've always seen nicer Reds, but just recently there's been some Bos that are sweet and have proper pvp etiquette. It all depends on the individual! Remember that even though the faction sisters are meant to be enemies, in the end, their followers do not! ...*raises back of hand to corner of mouth* Unless you're an Anarch, those people are uber competitive and won't think twice about chewing your tail off. Their juiced icon looks similar to the Atheist symbol, which makes them all the more intimidating. (There's nothing wrong with being an atheist, you're free to believe in nothing as you wish! <3)

What were those benefits you were just rambling on about?
When you're juiced, you get a 10% exp bonus from the creatures you kill and a much higher chance of rare resources dropped from said creatures. Uh oh, did you suddenly die from another juiced player? BAM- 10 free exp points! Being the victim pays off after all in this factor. + Also: you'll be able to escort Pokey and Darius, the traveling duo that wander between Tea Pot and Fairy Village. He pays you good money and the enemies he purposely burdens you with give great exp!

How do I join Little Red Riding Hood's faction?
Simply go to Wolf Village, go inside the log cabin Red is standing in front of, go upstairs and see [name here]. Talk to him about joining, accept the offer, and then he'll give you 12 free bottles of PvP juice, because every faction recruiter is excited for you to give your soul to the almighty leader.

How do I join Lil Bo Beep's faction?
Go to Sheep Village, same as before above, go upstairs and talk to [name here]. He'll also give you 12 free bottles of PvP juice.

I'm more north and no where near the village I need to be in...
That's alright! Go to Nod, located near Bear Village and the Bee Hive. That's like the superstore of the game... you can buy almost everything there. To join Red, talk to [name here] - to join Bo, talk to [name here].

I didn't understand you clearly... how do I become an Anarch?
Oh lawd child... okay, if you wish. Simply make sure you're not enlisted to either faction, and just juice! In about 2 minutes you'll see the intimidating Anarchist sign on your status bar.

Factions are lame! How do I quit?
Go to your faction recruiter and ask to be unjuiced (unless you're unjuiced already), and then ask to be dropped out. You'll be restricted to join another faction in exactly 4 hours (in real time). If you're a juiced Anarch, you'll have to request to be unjuiced or simply breathe... an excited PvPer will find you in a heartbeat.


Do packs or clans sound like something you're interested in? Then go buy a Guild Charter from a village vendor while they're still available in gold currency! Guilds are clubs that can have up to 5 letters (e.g BETA, YurIt, ZetaT, ROKET, etc.) in their name, and who ever started it first is automatically the Guild Leader. You can recruit people into your guild, promote them to leader, officer, kick them out, and set guild messages that pop up for your members to read when they sign in. You'll be notified when a guild member is online and when they log off... how convenient!

To access your Guild information, go to the Guild tab in your Social Relationships menu. You can recruit someone in front of you by left clicking them, or hitting the 'Recruit' button in your guild menu and typing in their name. It's always polite to ask first, never assume!

Guild Functions:
(accessible by right clicking in Social relationships -> Guild)
- kick member *
- invite member *
- promote to officer
- promote to guild leader
- set message of the day
- set guild name
- demote to member
- demote to officer
- disband

The * notes the functions accessible to an Officer of the guild.

"While they're available in gold currency"... what do you mean by that?
Guild Charters and a few other luxuries used to be obtainable by Tokens - real time currency directed into game cash. Gold is something you naturally receive from selling supplies or getting it from other players, but Tokens have to actually be bought - summed up, they're credits. Luckily, tokens can be transferred through player trade, too. Mr. Thurman has been considerate enough to hold off Tokens for now, but as the game gets more popular, it's a sure thing we'll see Tokens required for the cool stuff again in the future.

How will I know I'm in a guild?
Right when you login to the game, you'll receive a guild message from the guild's leader (maybe that's you?). You can always check your social tab, too. If there are people online with green usernames - those are your fellow guild members.

How will others know I'm in a guild?
You'll have your guild's name in parenthesis next to your username.
Example: Apostle (ROKET)
Also, you're only allowed in one guild per character. So whoever's trying to recruit you in another guild will get the message: "this user is already enlisted in a guild".

Is it final?
Nope! You can quit anytime via guild tab.

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