PvP Etiquette

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PvP Etiquette

Post  Apostle on Fri May 15, 2015 4:44 am

Despite the fact that PvP means Player VERSUS Player, some people take attacks either too seriously or too personally.

It's YOUR responsibility as a juiced player to understand that:
- The game is designed for players to attack you
- Once you drank the juice, you agreed to be touchable
- Being [afk] or [dnd] does not protect you, or give you an excuse to not be attacked
- Go to a safe zone or log out safely if you wish to remain juiced while walking away from your keyboard
- It's just a game, and it's just how PvP works. Most of the time players attack because they desire exp or some other in-game achievement, and it's not always personal towards you

Why you shouldn't throw a tempter tantrum after losing/being unjuiced: you get FREE exp when you die! Yeah, that's right! Exp!!! Just because you're the weaker one of the match. Everyone's a winner! So calm down.

What YOU can do to help make PvP more drama-free:
- Request permission to engage the player, "Wanna duel?"
- Do not attack a player that's AFK or has DND up
- Be kind if you've won ("Sorry, maybe next time! You did great.") or if you've lost, ("Epic moves! You got me good. Watch out for next time though!")
- Never outnumber a player unless they're up for the challenge. Some species can handle more than one player at a time such as str/con catgirls and str/con sheep.
- Understand that Reds, Bos and Anarchs are all personal preferences and just because they're meant to be enemies in the game doesn't mean the players have to be. Friends can be made in all sorts of places!

I understand everyone has a different point of view of how PvP and SHL should be played, but following this guide is a good way to earn respect in the community... which certainly is important during this time. If you wish you go along your way, that certainly is your choice.

And as always, thanks for reading and play safe!


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