Question about Mys sheep moves

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Question about Mys sheep moves

Post  Bruisk on Thu May 14, 2015 10:57 pm

This is mostly a test post to make sure regular users are able to create new topics, but while I'm posting something I might as well add more purpose to it. :}

Are the moves "Shear" (Mys) and "Fleece" (Emp) the same? I notice with Fleece, more damage is done to the enemy because it reduces their physical resistance, but with Shear (which is full for my Mys sheep, Gemini) I'm not seeing a difference in my attacks. I'm thinking it's PVP only, for when a player has buffs or something?

Also I'm disappointed with how poor the Mys sheep moves are. :{ I only fancy Dolly really... also, I can't seem to make "Count This" to work. ;-;

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